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The Public Squares All-New, Original Sketch Comedy Show Garners Press

The Public Squares, a Cleveland-based sketch comedy troupe, just closed its two-night show run of “Is Speed Dating an Olympic Sport?” or “The Return of The Public Squares.”  Marjorie produced the show and also helped write, act, sing and dance in the all-new, original sketch comedy show.  It was a successful run, the Squares hope to do another show in the near future, and local media, including Cool Cleveland and the Scene, were very supportive.  For a full list of all the articles and listings of the show, visit

Marjorie Working on Ohio Joke Book! Submit Your Joke and Get a Writing Credit!

Marjorie is working on a book comprised solely of Ohio jokes. All jokes must be about Ohio. Marjorie will give name credit and you can all become famous! Clean jokes preferred, though all jokes will be considered as long as the jokes have not been published in someone else’s book. They can be original or something that has been passed down to you. At least 70-80 more jokes are needed, so keep ’em comin’!

Jokes can be sent to Marjorie using this link.

If a joke you’ve heard is good, but it isn’t an Ohio joke, make it your own and make it about Ohio. Marjorie is including a joke she just switched around tonight to include a punchline she liked but with an Ohio feel. Here’s one of Marjorie’s made-to-order Ohio jokes:

Two hunters in Coshocton, Ohio are walking together when they spot tracks in the snow. The first hunter says, “Those must be boar tracks.” The second hunter replies, “Oh, no, those are definitely deer tracks.” And that was when the train hit them. — Marjorie Preston

See what she’s done there? 😉

The Public Squares Working on a Brand-New, Original Sketch Show for January!

The Public Squares sketch comedy troupe haven’t had a show in five years, but they are a group of committed professionals who have been busy having kids, finding jobs and just living life since their last show in 2007. But under the capable direction of Brett Tryda and producing eye of Marjorie Preston, the group will be making a comeback in January 2013. Location and date are still TBD, but check back here and at for more details. The group writes sketch comedy like Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. They are itching to get back on stage and tear it up.

Marjorie Played with Something Dada in “Dada Turns 18” Reunion Show

Marjorie was part of a crew that played the Beck Center for Something Dada’s reunion show, “Dada Turns 18.” A lot of fun was had by a crew that are old hands at improv and can make anything up on the spot. Marjorie got to play a girl in the corner with her hand up all night in “Slide Show” and worked hard to stay in the “Alphabet Game” until the game was called for time considerations. She also got to eat imaginary turkey and sing the “Something Dada Blues” one more time. For future Dada shows, visit

Two of Marjorie’s Improv Groups to Play a Double Bill!

Marjorie will perform improv for the comedy masses on Saturday, September 24th at 9 p.m. at Big Dog Theater — Euclid Heights and Coventry in Cleveland Heights.  Rockwell 9 (of which Marjorie is a member) will share a bill with Angry Ladies of Improv (of which Marjorie is also a member).  The show is only $5 and promises to be a side-splitting night of comedy.

Rockwell 9 will start the show off with short form improv comedy a la “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” and Angry Ladies of Improv will headline with a fully improvised set of scenes based off of one audience suggestion.  Come yell things at the performers (when we ask you to!) and prepare to have a great time.

For more info or reservations, visit Big Dog Theater’s site at