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“The Momologues” at Jackson Community Theater-Ohio Honest and Hilarious

The Momologues” at Jackson Community Theater-Ohio Honest and Hilarious

By Marjorie Preston



Jackson Community Theater Ohio’s (JCT-Ohio) production of “The Momologues” by Stefanie Cloutier, Sheila Eppolito and Lisa Rafferty is a homespun, yet sharp production of a baudy, hilarious show aimed at moms and others looking to laugh at the challenges of motherhood.


The four actresses, Bridget Bazzinotti, Denise Dawson Geissinger, Chanda Marie Schmidt and Tawnya Schlabach Sutton, three of whom had never been on stage before, turn in a true-to-life performance. The show rarely feels like complaining, and though it’s not a traditional play with a plot line, it is a series of humorous monologues about mommy-hood book-ended with some equally funny group discussions.


Topics covered include the aches and pains of pregnancy and labor. The ladies ask: why take a pregnant woman’s blood pressure right after she gets off the scale? They discuss pregnant “charity sex” and the “access challenges” of pregnant sex. A late pregnancy baby is like “a guest that has stayed too long.”


Schmidt gets a laugh with her comeback to the doctor who tells her not to push: “Stop pushing? Fuck you!” Sutton suggests perhaps the doctor ask questions during labor of someone other than the pregnant woman – “Ask my husband – does he look like he’s busy over there?”


Bazzinotti delivers her line with aplomb about her emergency C-section: “She’s got the perfect C-section head. It’s not like those others…” and is immediately drowned out by peals of laughter from those familiar with natural birth and squeezed babies’ heads. A running gag has her repeatedly calling her mom with news, like her hemorrhoids or the sweet smell of a baby’s head. Finally she says of her baby daughter, “I think I finally forgave her, so we’re starting over now.”


The women commiserate over loss of privacy, the chance to eat lunch alone, and reading adult level literature. They discuss pregnancy tests, sick kids, and the cost of a date night for parents. Schmidt steals a scene with Geissinger by sliding – in slapstick fashion – out of a high stool while having coffee with her friend.


Director Holly Ellen Roby has put in the work to make scene transitions smooth, and the actresses genuinely seem comfortable and warm around each other. The cast and crew, acting as set designers, have pulled together a simple, no-frills set with wing chairs, pillows, childrens’ books and toys, plus a small coffee shop set to the side.


“The Momologues” finished its run on May 12, Mother’s Day. The production contained adult language and situations. For info on JCT-Ohio’s offerings, visit