Some Capsule Reviews From 2012!

On “Akarui” at Cleveland Public Theatre:
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The World Premiere of “Akarui” is a must-see multi-faceted spectacle filled with music, dance, percussion and otherworldly characters. The spirit world plays a large part in this show, where audiences can watch a dead man search for his killer while at the same time learn about the Afro-Brazilian musical tradition of Candomoblé. This bold, thrilling show about transformation involves the audience at times à la Blue Man Group, while offering captivating character portrayals and gripping, pulsing moments.

On “Hellcab” at Blank Canvas Theatre:
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“Hellcab” is a series of vignettes in the life of a beleaguered cabbie (Patrick Ciamacco) trying to be human while driving a Chicago cab at Christmastime. Kern’s fast-paced script delves into the most personal moments of Chicagoans when their guard is down. The great comic timing in “Hellcab” is a testament to both Marc Moritz’s skillful directing and the talents of a stellar cast, including Ciamacco, who learned his role in less than 48 hours. The show is poignant and funny, while it touches on all number of social issues from race, class and ethnicity to mental health and family troubles.

On “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” at Beck Center for the Arts:
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“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” is a raunchy, fast-paced rock n’ roll retelling of the life of the seventh U.S. president Andrew Jackson. The stellar cast, in fabulous shoes, play out the story of a Tennessee orphan who went on to break treaties with countless Native American tribes and kill the Spanish settlers in the South before becoming president. Dan Folino as the cocksure rockstar plays the loner who hates “the Spanish, British, Washington aristocrats and Indians” in a musical that unfortunately gets cluttered as it tries to cover too much ground.

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