Sun Messenger Interview with Marjorie about “Emmaisms” Book Now Online!

Marjorie was interviewed by the suburban Cleveland paper the Sun Messenger about the July release of the book she edited, “Emmaisms,” available here at Marjorie’s daughter Emma was quoted for over two years and the quotes were compiled into a humorous, thought-provoking book. The article, from Thursday’s Sun Messenger newspaper, just went live today and can be seen at

A snippet of the article, by Jeff Piorkowski:
Emma Preston’s way with wordplay, sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes humorous, caught the attention of her mother’s friends on Facebook. Marjorie Preston began when her daughter wasn’t quite 2 years old, including Emma’s sayings in her Facebook posts under the heading, “The Truth According to Emma.”

“I started to see that my friends were more interested to read what Emma had to say than what I was saying,” Preston said.

“She makes up words with a comical tone. Like, she calls brown bananas ‘rusty bananas.’ Instead of saying ‘selfish’ she said she is ‘friendish.’ She’s just different.”

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