One of Marjorie’s Jokes Chosen as Joke of the Week in Comedy Newsletter!

Marjorie’s joke was chosen as Joke of the Week in the How To Be A Working Comic & Humorous Speaker newsletter published by Dave Schwensen!

Dave is the author of How To Be A Working Comic: An Insider’s Guide To A Career In Stand-Up Comedy, and Comedy FAQs And Answers: How The Stand-Up Biz Really Works. His credits include Talent Coordinator for the television show A&E’s An Evening At The Improv, the Hollywood and New York City Improv Comedy Clubs, and Assistant to Improv founder Budd Friedman.

Dave currently manages the Cleveland Improv comedy club. Marjorie used to do standup in the mid-90s, and she took Dave’s full standup comedy writing workshop once and went back a couple other times to work with him and his class on some new material from time to time. Dave’s advice helped her hone her material.

The newsletter can be found at this link.

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