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“I’m OK! I’m OK!” Marjorie Takes a Tumble

Marjorie was at a rehearsal for her upcoming show at the Big Dog Theater with her two improv groups, Angry Ladies of Improv and Rockwell 9, and suffered a fall on some mossy steps.  She is bruised and scratched, but the show will go on.  Don’t wish her to “break a leg”!

More info on the show, which is Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. at Big Dog Theater, can be found here.

Two of Marjorie’s Improv Groups to Play a Double Bill!

Marjorie will perform improv for the comedy masses on Saturday, September 24th at 9 p.m. at Big Dog Theater — Euclid Heights and Coventry in Cleveland Heights.  Rockwell 9 (of which Marjorie is a member) will share a bill with Angry Ladies of Improv (of which Marjorie is also a member).  The show is only $5 and promises to be a side-splitting night of comedy.

Rockwell 9 will start the show off with short form improv comedy a la “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” and Angry Ladies of Improv will headline with a fully improvised set of scenes based off of one audience suggestion.  Come yell things at the performers (when we ask you to!) and prepare to have a great time.

For more info or reservations, visit Big Dog Theater’s site at

A New Look for!

Marjorie had to recently reinstall her entire site with the help of her good friend Shannon Okey.  Yay Shannon!  So things are settling in and might look a bit different!  If you notice an out of date bio here or strange code there, feel free to shoot her a note.  But trust us, she’s working on it.  Thanks for checking out the site!  Marjorie is also on Twitter and Facebook.  And MySpace for that matter.  And you can find her whole catalog of articles written for the Sun Newspapers by surfing over to