Monthly Archives: October 2007

Starting off the month in the Sun Press

On Thursday, November 1st, my theatre review will be in the Sun Press.  Pick it up on Cleveland’s East Side: in Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Height or Richmond Heights on Thursday.  Update 11/2: It’s also in the Sun Messenger, the South Euclid area paper.

Marjorie to work with local comic Jim Tews on sketch

Marjorie will reunite with Jim Tews, with whom she worked on the sketches “I’m Chicago,” “Cheer Up” and “Partnership,” available on YouTube, to film a pregnancy-related comedy sketch in the coming weeks.  More info will be posted when it’s available.

12/10 UPDATE!  The sketch is the featured one on right now and is called “Please Talk To Me: The Proud Mom.”

Marjorie busy with PR projects!

Marjorie has been hard at work this month promoting several projects for a major library, as well as an art gallery and a piece of theatre in Chicago.  She did turn down off-site editing work in February, but in general, Marjorie Preston PR has coverage in place for most every PR need for the months of December and January.  Email her at for your PR and writing needs.

Marjorie mentioned in Free Times!

I did some standup at the CD release party for “Duhmocracy” as I was there to support friend Victoria Parks.  On this humor album, she also has some biting political humor.  So I did five minutes of humor that was both pregnancy and political humor, written just for the occasion.  The crowd loved it.  I wish I could take them everywhere with me.  The Free Times did a little write-up about the evening here.

Another Last Call Cleveland shoot!

The guys from Last Call Cleveland were at Marjorie’s house to shoot part of a sketch where Aaron McBride is a character running for office.  I get to ask him questions and he gets to give silly answers.  I’ll let you know when it goes up somewhere.

Marjorie in another Norton Furniture shoot

Marjorie previously appeared as an extra in “Kidnapped,” which you can see at It’s a strange video.  These are strange people.  So I decided to go back and do another one involving a man in a giant sperm costume, of course.  What can I say?  Until he shows up, it’s just a nice scene of me and fellow actress Amina discussing childbirth and finding the right guy…  When the video goes up, I’ll be sure to post a link.

Short videos written by Marjorie entered in Second City Chicago shorts fest

Some short video parodies of the Mac/PC ads that Marjorie wrote, featuring instead Chicago and Cleveland, have been entered in a contest at Second City Chicago.  The videos are called I’m Chicago, Cheer Up and Partnership and are best viewed in that order.  They are available at if you just search for her neme.  The videos feature Jim Tews, Rodney Bengston and Marjorie Preston and were edited by Jim Tews.  More info to come if she becomes a finalist…