Monthly Archives: August 2007

Marjorie is expecting!

Hi all, clients and friends —

I’m expecting in December.  I will take a leave from freelance writing and all forms of comedy for a few weeks at least.  If there are any PR projects going on at that time, I will be fully covered, as a capable colleague of mine will be handling business affairs during my recovery – and Eric’s and my adjustment to our new roommate!  We’re told it’s a girl.

Something Dada utilizing Marjorie fully!

I’m in the troupe Something Dada and encourage you to come down to one of our shows.  I have been known to — all during the same show – work the box office, then run lights and sound and in the middle of it all get up on stage and participate in several improv structures.  They’re getting all they can out of me in the upcoming weeks, as I’ll be taking a leave from both work and comedy in December.

Marjorie working on several PR and writing projects

Marjorie has been busy of late promoting a magician’s upcoming performances, an art gallery opening, several projects for a major library, and writing newsletter copy for a local technology company.  She’s been busy creating and updating media lists for clients and for Something Dada and The Public Squares.

She will soon be shopping around some articles she’s written on local subjects to a few local magazines and also expects to work on some website copy in the near future.

The Public Squares new show Sept. 7 and 8 at the Hermit Club!

Come see me and the rest of The Public Squares — and my Ricky Martin parody — at the Hermit Club, just behind Playhouse Square and off of Chester Avenue.  Our brand-new revue is called “Tailgaters (heart) to Read.”  Free parking near Moe’s bar at East 17th and a short walk, or monitored parking in the lot off of Chester.  It’s September 7th and 8th at 8 p.m. and tickets can be purchased a couple of dollars cheaper at The Public Squares’ website.