Monthly Archives: March 2006

Two articles in this month’s Blue~ize Magazine

Check out my cover story in this month’s Blue~ize Magazine and learn about Jill Laub from Strongsville who is in NYC on a dance scholarship.  The inset photo on the cover is for another article I did, about Connor O’Brien, next big thing rock star — kinda sounds like Richard Marx or Bo Bice.  The articles should be up soon on or check your local music stores, coffee shops or preschools!

Trip to Akron proves ‘city is gone’

I performed at Max McQ’s open mic last night (March 21st) in Akron and did a blistering seven or so minutes to a huge crowd — six, maybe seven people.  Are we sure Akron even still exists?  The good news is if you’re a comic, you can probably get stage time.  Show up on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and ask for the MC — the Dark Muppet.  Yes, he really calls himself that.  Hey, it’s memorable…